One Psycho Server Welcomes You!


Welcome to One Psycho Server’s blog! Here we will discuss a multitude of things that are ever present in the life of a server. Whether it be unruly customers, frazzled bosses, or thrifty finds (because we need ’em).

Let’s chat about the woman who believes your first name is that of a beverage (one that isn’t even served in your establishment), the man who blatantly stares at your assets without remorse, and the children who would go flying with one swift kick of the skid-proof shoe.

Let’s chat about what we spend our cold, hard-earned cash on!

About One Psycho Server:

OPS is a soon-to-be college graduate (Psychology, hence the name) with a love for working in the service industry and no easy way out. As a server, she is on a mission to hear your frustrations while venting some of her own, as well as presenting goods based on a server’s budget! She will be downright honest about what is worth your hard earned cash and what isn’t.


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