I SPENT $10. WAS IT WORTH IT? Birchbox – October Review


To start off, I’m not a beauty professional. I repeat, I am not a beauty professional. I think this is important for my readers to understand. I rarely ever have the energy to actually put makeup on, so I thought getting new little treats every month would motivate me. I would say I’m less experienced than a junior high student and these boxes have so far made me feel like nothing more than a novice.  I have subscribed to four beauty boxes: Birchbox, Ipsy, Walmart Beauty Box, Target Beauty Box and Jubees (earrings). I have also subscribed to Darby Box, which is a monthly DIY craft box (I’m also not very crafty, but I will explain further when this box arrives).

Where my money went: Birchbox

Month: October

The Cost: $10

The Contents


I can’t really tell if it was because Birchbox is new to me or because the items were fun for the reason I was so excited to open this box.


Tocca Crema de Mano Hand Cream (Bianca)

Sample Form: Regular Squeeze Lotion Bottle

Sample Size: Great to just throw in my bag, which is where it is right now.

To use: Rub into hands or anywhere else that needs a shot of moisture.

While I’m not a huge fan of lemon or lemongrass scents, this has a beautiful scent to it. My hands are always dry from constant hand washing at work, and this lotion is non greasy, great smelling and very moisturizing. This is definitely a keeper and I am most likely going to buy the full size version.

Full Size Price: $20


CoastalScents Revealed 2 Palette Sampler (Ballerina)

Sample Form: Sampler Quad in plastic protector.

Sample Size: Good for multiple use and color experimentation.

To use: Apply to eyelids and blend and build to achieve the look you want!

The colors in this sampler are absolutely beautiful and look great on me. It seems as though Birchbox was listening here (other people got different colors). The color stays put (I rarely use primer), and the colors blend nicely and build nicely. These shadows lasted easily through a Saturday night rush and were perfectly in place as I was washing them off that night.

Full Size Price: 19,95


LuMesh Hydrating Lip Gloss (Sadie)

Sample Form: Tube with Brush

Sample Size: So Tiny 😦

To use: Apply to lips with brush applicator.

The color is absolutely beautiful. I rarely wear anything other than lip balm on my lips and I absolutely adore this color and the texture, I am a little disheartened that the sample is so tiny and it makes me wonder if the cost of the full-size is really worth it. It’s too bad, because this is sample would be a win for me if it was slightly bigger.

Full Size Price: $24


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Sample Form: Plastic Twist-Lid Container

Sample Size: Small, would have liked to know if I would have seen clearer skin with this.

To use: Scoop up, apply a small amount of water and work into a lather. Apply to face using circular motions.

As a budding teenager I had beautiful skin. My acne-filled friends with green with envy over the idea that I never washed my face. Ever. As an adult, I struggle with adult acne that is nothing less than terrible and I have been on the valiant search for something that would clear that up. The scent of this cleanser, while being lemony, is very pleasant. The texture is amazing and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. Unfortunately there is just not enough in this sample to know if it will create a real difference in the appearance of my skin.

Full Size Price: 32.95


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner

Sample Form: Plastic Spray Bottle

Sample Size: Another good travel size item

To use: Spray in hair and comb through to diffuse. Style as normal.

I sprayed a little of this to see what it smelled like, and it smelled amazing. That is, until, I actually put in in my hair. It left my hair feeling a little on the sticky side and the smell was too much for my nostrils to handle. I don’t know that I would actually purchase this product, but I will give it another shot. Maybe I am using it wrong?

Overall, I was excited about my first Birchbox, and am okay with what I got over what I spent. I definitely have no urge to cancel my subscription this month and will continue to see what November brings (I already know, and will be posting as soon as I use the products).

I would give this box a 7/10. What did you think?

Birchbox Link: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/kxgg7


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