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I have dreams about owning a KitchenAid Mixer. It’s kind of one of those investments that screams “I’ve made it, I finally own the Mercedes of stand mixers”. Each of my grandmothers owned one of these beautifully sleek appliances, and they taught my cousins and I how to use them at a very young age. The easy of use in these gorgeous mixers and the beauty at which they mixed the dough for our Christmas cookies was enough to know that I wanted one.

Last year was my first Christmas with the family in my new home. I cooked and baked for two days straight in preparation for this meal. I had sore arms and legs from running around and of course – mixing up different foods by hand. I figured if I only had one of those majestic mixers these Christmas meals would be so much easier. My boyfriend disagreed. He can’t figure out why someone would spend such a large chunk of money on a close cousin to the toaster (yes, that’s what he said).

So here I sit, without a KitchenAid mixer, and without hope for one, when all of a sudden Macy’s advertises 40% KitchenAid mixers on the TV! My boyfriend glances in my direction, hoping that I wasn’t paying attention. But, I was.

All I could think was “40% off, what a steal!”

The thing is that I am a skeptic. Why would Macy’s be cutting the price of the mixers nearly in half, when other places are only giving out a 20% off coupon on Black Friday?

Macy’s has their KitchenAid KSM140PS Artisan 5 Qt. Stand Mixer on sale from 499.99 to 349.99. The color that shows up instantly on their webpage when you click on the link is the Cobalt Blue one, so I decided to compare apples to apples and do a little research.

Amazon is selling the EXACT SAME MIXER in the EXACT SAME COLOR with TWO DAY PRIME SHIPPING for….


That’s $225 less than Macy’s original price and $75 less than their sale price.


Here’s lesson number one in shopping: When you are looking to purchase something that you consider to be an investment, make sure you invest the time in making sure that you are getting the bottom dollar, instead of paying some corporation hundreds more for the exact same product.

Macy’s is a ripoff anyways and as many times as I have been into that store I have never walked out with anything, simply because their prices are outrageous.

Either way, it will be quite some time before I invest almost $300 in an appliance I am not sure how much I will use

Are you eyeballing something for yourself or a gift for a loved one for the holidays, but don’t want to pay the ticket price? Let me know what it is, and I’ll let you know how cheap I can find it!

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There are a lot of reasons a person might become a server. Maybe they are a college student trying to make extra cash for rent or beer. Maybe they are a single mother trying her best to provide for her family. Or maybe they are someone looking to pick up a little extra money for the holidays. No matter the reason, these people are waiting on customers hand and foot, often without thanks, for what little they do get to go home with.

It isn’t very often that a server is able to work full-time hours, and even more rare that they receive benefits, such as health insurance and a 401k. They often have to work late at night or early in the morning, and their shifts are often opposite those of their significant others or their children’s activities. Servers don’t often get weekends off, and there is a chance they still have to work holidays.

I went back to food service to supplement income from a full-time job. I had it made before that. A decent paycheck, affordable benefits and weekends free. The problem was, I loved to shop. I mean…I REALLY love to shop. And I’m good at it. I never pay full price for anything, and in my opinion, I never pay more for something than it’s worth. The tips I would make got put away in a secret place, while the actual paychecks were spent on whatever I wanted. What’s the problem? I work hard, and I want to spend my extra income as I see fit.

The problem was that after two years at the company I was working for, they decided to downsize after some unforeseen (yeah right) financial trouble. They saw me as an easy target, because I am going to be a college graduate in a few short weeks. They found it easiest to let me go and fend for myself after roping me into the job in the first place. Never mind the boss’ wife driving a car that cost almost twice as much as my house, or the accountant that was spending company money as she saw fit, I was the one that had to be let go.

See, what people don’t understand is that it is much more difficult to find a job with a college degree than one would think. So, here I am, surviving on a server’s income.

The general point of this blog is not only to rant about a server’s problems, but to look for ways to stretch a buck and unwind.

I will try to do the work FOR you. Yup, that’s right. I will try things out and give you my honest opinions on whether or not I would spend my hard earned tip money or not.

You can expect to hear about product reviews, an average night, various ways I save money and maybe I’ll even get a little crafty (Lord help us). Here’s to new adventures!

Things that are coming up on this blog:

Jubees – October review

Birchbox – November review

Ipsy – November review

Darby Smart – November review

How I Made a New Car Happen For Me

Christmas DIY – Let’s Talk About It!

What are you interested in hearing about the most? Leave a comment and I will be sure to respond to you!

I SPENT $10. WAS IT WORTH IT? Birchbox – October Review


To start off, I’m not a beauty professional. I repeat, I am not a beauty professional. I think this is important for my readers to understand. I rarely ever have the energy to actually put makeup on, so I thought getting new little treats every month would motivate me. I would say I’m less experienced than a junior high student and these boxes have so far made me feel like nothing more than a novice.  I have subscribed to four beauty boxes: Birchbox, Ipsy, Walmart Beauty Box, Target Beauty Box and Jubees (earrings). I have also subscribed to Darby Box, which is a monthly DIY craft box (I’m also not very crafty, but I will explain further when this box arrives).

Where my money went: Birchbox

Month: October

The Cost: $10

The Contents


I can’t really tell if it was because Birchbox is new to me or because the items were fun for the reason I was so excited to open this box.


Tocca Crema de Mano Hand Cream (Bianca)

Sample Form: Regular Squeeze Lotion Bottle

Sample Size: Great to just throw in my bag, which is where it is right now.

To use: Rub into hands or anywhere else that needs a shot of moisture.

While I’m not a huge fan of lemon or lemongrass scents, this has a beautiful scent to it. My hands are always dry from constant hand washing at work, and this lotion is non greasy, great smelling and very moisturizing. This is definitely a keeper and I am most likely going to buy the full size version.

Full Size Price: $20


CoastalScents Revealed 2 Palette Sampler (Ballerina)

Sample Form: Sampler Quad in plastic protector.

Sample Size: Good for multiple use and color experimentation.

To use: Apply to eyelids and blend and build to achieve the look you want!

The colors in this sampler are absolutely beautiful and look great on me. It seems as though Birchbox was listening here (other people got different colors). The color stays put (I rarely use primer), and the colors blend nicely and build nicely. These shadows lasted easily through a Saturday night rush and were perfectly in place as I was washing them off that night.

Full Size Price: 19,95


LuMesh Hydrating Lip Gloss (Sadie)

Sample Form: Tube with Brush

Sample Size: So Tiny 😦

To use: Apply to lips with brush applicator.

The color is absolutely beautiful. I rarely wear anything other than lip balm on my lips and I absolutely adore this color and the texture, I am a little disheartened that the sample is so tiny and it makes me wonder if the cost of the full-size is really worth it. It’s too bad, because this is sample would be a win for me if it was slightly bigger.

Full Size Price: $24


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Sample Form: Plastic Twist-Lid Container

Sample Size: Small, would have liked to know if I would have seen clearer skin with this.

To use: Scoop up, apply a small amount of water and work into a lather. Apply to face using circular motions.

As a budding teenager I had beautiful skin. My acne-filled friends with green with envy over the idea that I never washed my face. Ever. As an adult, I struggle with adult acne that is nothing less than terrible and I have been on the valiant search for something that would clear that up. The scent of this cleanser, while being lemony, is very pleasant. The texture is amazing and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. Unfortunately there is just not enough in this sample to know if it will create a real difference in the appearance of my skin.

Full Size Price: 32.95


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner

Sample Form: Plastic Spray Bottle

Sample Size: Another good travel size item

To use: Spray in hair and comb through to diffuse. Style as normal.

I sprayed a little of this to see what it smelled like, and it smelled amazing. That is, until, I actually put in in my hair. It left my hair feeling a little on the sticky side and the smell was too much for my nostrils to handle. I don’t know that I would actually purchase this product, but I will give it another shot. Maybe I am using it wrong?

Overall, I was excited about my first Birchbox, and am okay with what I got over what I spent. I definitely have no urge to cancel my subscription this month and will continue to see what November brings (I already know, and will be posting as soon as I use the products).

I would give this box a 7/10. What did you think?

Birchbox Link:

One Psycho Server Welcomes You!


Welcome to One Psycho Server’s blog! Here we will discuss a multitude of things that are ever present in the life of a server. Whether it be unruly customers, frazzled bosses, or thrifty finds (because we need ’em).

Let’s chat about the woman who believes your first name is that of a beverage (one that isn’t even served in your establishment), the man who blatantly stares at your assets without remorse, and the children who would go flying with one swift kick of the skid-proof shoe.

Let’s chat about what we spend our cold, hard-earned cash on!

About One Psycho Server:

OPS is a soon-to-be college graduate (Psychology, hence the name) with a love for working in the service industry and no easy way out. As a server, she is on a mission to hear your frustrations while venting some of her own, as well as presenting goods based on a server’s budget! She will be downright honest about what is worth your hard earned cash and what isn’t.